Winter Clinics 2019/2020

This year, the Greater Victoria Baseball Association (GVBA) will be running multiple winter clinics starting December 12, 2019 through to February 28, 2020 for players who will be in 9U-15U in 2020 (birth years 2005-2012). We have kept the cost very low this off season to $5 a session. Since we are a large organization with so many keen players we have to limit participation to 20 sessions with a 40 player cap per session.

Organization and practice plans will be prepared by Jason Leslie, Technical Director in charge of Player and Coach Development for the GVBA and instruction will be led by Jason as well as multiple coaches from across our organization. This is a great opportunity for players in our 9U-15U division (based on Spring 2020 age) to shake off the fall and winter rust to prepare for a baseball season in a fun and developmental environment. Any community coaches who are interested in helping please feel free to contact Jason at

Our Friday night sessions for all ages will follow a very compact and consistent format. Players are to wear athletic clothing (similar to what you would wear to a physical education class) and to bring their baseball glove. A typical Friday night will look like:

  •  Speed and Acceleration Training with arm swing commands, leg drive commands and multiple sprinter starts.
  • Agility Training with Baseball specific movements. Agility ladders will be used to introduce and improve footwork. All ladder work will see players using their gloves
  • Skill specific training that will include infield mechanics and foot work
  • Strength training

All other sessions are split into 9U/11U or 13U/15U age groups and  will be defensive minded with opportunities to work on hitting (depending on the space in the venue). Players are expected to wear full baseball clothing including jock/jill and pants (no shorts!) with indoor running shoes. Please bring your batting helmet and baseball glove. A typical Saturday or Sunday session will look like:

  • Throwing progression
  • Agility training with ladders
  • Skill specific training such as double play footwork, receiving and feeding in a double play, slow rollers, throwing on the run, fielding short hops, etc.
  • Hitting progression using specific training such as hitting an outside pitch, hitting an off speed pitch, hitting an inside pitch and bunting. Major emphasis will be put on hitting plane, a hitter’s education, creating power and trouble shooting.

Off season training is great way to help players understand the functional movements required for baseball. These movements are best acquired by training multiple fitness components such as agility, balance, reaction time, flexibility, power, speed, muscular strength and endurance. One of BC Minor Baseball’s core values is to provide opportunities and support for players to develop their skills in a fun and meaningful environment. GVBA is excited to be able to provide this opportunity for players and we are looking forward to getting started.

ALL DIVISIONS Friday Night Fitness & Agility – Glanford School – 8-9:30pm

  • December 13
  • December 20
  • January 10
  • January 17
  • January 24
  • January 31
  • February 7
  • February 14
  • February 21
  • February 28

9U & 11U Hitting and Defense at JDF

  • Sat Dec 14, 5-7pm
  • Sat Jan 25, 6-7:30pm

9U & 11U Hitting and Defense at Pearkes Field House Field House

  • Thurs Dec 19, 6-8pm
  • Sat Jan 4, 9-10:45am
  • Sun Jan 5, 11:15-1pm
  • Sat Jan 11, 11:15-1pm
  • Sat Feb 1, 11:15-1pm
  • Sun Feb 2, 3-5pm
  • Sat Feb 8, 11:15-1pm
  • Sat Feb 15, 11:15-1pm
  • Sun Feb 16, 3-5pm

9U & 11U Hitting and Defense at PISE

  • Sun Jan 19, 8-9:15am
  • Sun Jan 26, 8-9:15am

13U & 15U Hitting and Defense at JDF

  • Sat Dec 21, 5-7pm
  • Sat Jan 25, 7:30-9pm
  • Sun Feb 23, 7-9pm

13U & 15U Hitting and Defense at Pearkes Field House

  • Thurs Dec 12, 6-8pm
  • Sun Dec 15, 2-4pm
  • Sat Jan 4, 10:45-1pm
  • Sun Jan 5, 9-11:15am
  • Thus Jan 9, 6-8pm
  • Sat Jan 11, 9-11:15am
  • Sat Feb 1, 9-11:15am
  • Sat Feb 8, 9-11:15am
  • Sun Feb 9, 3-5pm
  • Sat Feb 15, 9-11:15am

13U & 15U Hitting and Defense at PISE

  • ┬ĚSun Jan 19, 9:15-10:30am
  • Sun Jan 26 9:15-10:30am

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